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The London Official City Guide App

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Plan online. Explore offline.

  1. Whilst online, plan an itinerary of your immediate next steps.


  1. We then curate and download data from the best local resources about those places, and along the route between them – including transit and many other interesting spots en-route.


  1. Go offline and explore the city, using your smartphone like you would back home – without worrying about high data roaming costs!

Android version coming soon!

Techcrunch, Disrupt Europe, 2013

Showcased by Techcrunch as one of their 2013 Top 15 European Startups showcased in their Battlefield competition at their Disrupt Berlin event (where previous alumni have been Dropbox and Yammer in the US).

PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit, USA, 2013

Selected as one of their top travel innovations of 2013, our CEO, Tony Sandler showcases the What Now?! app at the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit in Florida. You can view the pitch here.

Are you tired of paying lots of money for data roaming on your smart mobile devices? Or not using your smartphone’s smart features due to the high cost? Or of not knowing the best online resources used by locals to find great new things nearby?

Well now you can use your smart mobile devices to discover great new things nearby and avoid paying for data roaming. What Now?! is an exciting new app for your smart mobile devices to help you “simulate” a live smartphone experience whilst you are away traveling the world.

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